be STILL in the presence of the LORD

and WAIT patiently for Him to act.

psalm 37:7a

That is my year verse for 2014.

As a lift my head ever so slightly and stare into the rear-view mirror, I see 2013 fading in the distance.

I regret that some of the year’s events and people appear fuzzy and maybe a little distorted, but I guess the passage of time does that. It bring me joy though to know that I can say without a hint of doubt that I have grown (a quarter of an inch physically and an uncountable amount emotionally, mentally, and spiritually). And don’t you worry, some events and people are a clear as yesterday.

This past Sunday I heard a sermon about Heaven. Something that stood out was the preacher’s hope that  there will be an “instant replay” room up there. Just imagine…being able to watch any event in history, to see how things really went down. Embarrassingly, my first thought was an instant replay of my life, or moments in it. But the preacher quickly put me to shame and said that he wanted to see the birth of Christ or His death on Calvary. Woah. That would be CRAZY.

So I’m not entirely sure where I am going with this entry, but bare with me.

I like reflecting on the past and I think an “instant replay” room would be fantastic. But I think those are two of my downfalls right there. I’m not saying that I spend to much time in the past or that I fantasize about the future too often. What I AM saying though is that I do not spend nearly enough time being still.

Over summer I had this constant feeling of stagnancy. I felt uncomfortable. I was not content. I wanted to move. Obviously this was not in terms of the physical. I could move all my limbs. It was in terms of the spiritual.

My wise friend, mentor, and sister in Christ gave me this analogy (I call it “Metamorphosis”):

METAMORPHOSIS~ Christians Are Like Caterpillars

1. Larvae Stage: You start off as a small (probably ugly) larva. You crawl around slowly on your belly and eat and eat and eat. That’s pretty much all you do. You eat. And poop. But, that’s it. Eat. Poop. Eat. Poop. Oh, and sleep. I guess you sleep too. But eating is the most important part.

[Interpretation: As baby Christians we “eat” lots and lots of spiritual food. Eating (which leads to growth) is most important.]

2. Pupa Stage: After you do the appropriate amount of eating you make a cocoon for yourself. And then you wait. Have you ever imagined how uncomfortable and probably painful this stage much be for insects? You trap yourself in a shell and then over a short amount of time completely change form. Talk about a lot of plastic surgery or identity crisis. The main thing here is waiting.

[Interpretation: As Christians, we all reach a point where something changes. We realize that we owe everything to God and that begins our metamorphosis. Growth is still happening, don’t get me wrong, but something just clicks. This stage comes at different times for everyone…some early on and some later on. But it does happen.]

3. Adult Stage: Ultimately you emerge from your cocoon and instead of an ugly larva you are a beautiful butterfly. You don’t crawl around on your belly anymore…you fly. And you would never want to return to being a larva (that would be stupid). The main thing here is that you are forever changed for the better.

[Interpretation: We are new creations (2 Corinthians 5:17)!!! We are completely transformed and we would never go back to how things were. Obviously we still need to eat, poop, and sleep to survive…but in all seriousness, we are made new in Christ.]

Well being still and waiting are important in all the stages of metamorphosis, but especially in the pupa stage. I think I’m at the very end of the pupa stage and I’m praying that in this coming year I will unravel myself from my cocoon and transform into a beautiful butterfly. But before I can emerge from the cocoon I need to get better at following God’s command: “Be still…and wait.”



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