It has been exactly 327 days since I last wrote on this blog. It was quite a feat trying to remember my username and password for my account just now.

What made me sign into my account and start writing a new blog post? Well…here’s what happened. Right before writing this, I was doing my BITH 111 reading while listening to some Christian music (very appropriate, I know) on Pandora. A Bethany Dillon song came on and I thought, “Whatever happened to Bethany Dillon?” I remember being obsessed with her song “Dreamer” after I saw the movie Dreamer, starring Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell, in 2005. But where is Bethany Dillon now? Naturally, I Googled her. I first clicked on her Wikipedia bio and found out that she she married Shane Barnard of Shane & Shane in 2008. It was the Shane & Shane radio station that I heard the Bethany Dillon song on twenty minutes ago. Second, I clicked on her WordPress blog link. Her last post was in November 2010. That is when I realized that I myself have not written on my WordPress blog in quite some time (327 days to be exact).

So now I am writing a new post. SO much has happened since the last time I wrote in January 1st of this year. Frankly, I am disappointed that I have not been recording all of it. I sporadically journal, but my commitment to writing is, to be honest, really embarrassing. I am an English Writing major for crying out loud! And this is where I make a pre New Year’s resolution to write a blog post everyday for a year and 38 days. I am very tempted to do that, but I must be honest with myself. That is not going to happen. I will however, make a resolution to write a blog post every week starting now until the end of the year 2015.

Now that I have gotten all of that out of the way, I feel as if I need to write an actual real blog post. I want to resist this urge and be a minimalist, but my need to feel productive is winning in this moment. So the question now is: what to write about. There are so many options. Instead of picking one, I am just going to brainstorm one idea for every week I did not write this year. 327/7 ≈ 47. Here it goes! (Note: These appear in no particular order.)

  1. March for Babies fundraiser and walk I organized
  2. Graduating high school
  3. Project Graduation
  4. Working at Gull Lake Ministries over the summer
  5. The God-thing of actually working there
  6. The first week when I wanted to go home so bad
  7. The dishpit as a sanctuary
  8. Working with people who were, for the most part, older and more experienced than me
  9. Special God-thing conversations with quests
  10. My first En Gedi (worship service) and hearing the song, Though You Slay Me, for the first time
  11. Learning to lean on God for physical strength
  12. Realizing what a God-thing it was being at Gull Lake instead of Camp-of-the-Woods
  13. Arriving on Wheaton College’s campus for the first time in two years
  14. My pre-freshman orientation experience, Passage
  15. Pressure to make friends
  16. Cabin 12 girls
  17. Solo Trip
  18. Professor Whitney
  19. Challenge to be content and to find solitude time
  20. My first week of college at Wheaton
  21. Deciding to run for Student Government at Wheaton
  22. The campaign for the Freshman Vice Presidency
  23. My reaction to being elected Freshman Vice President
  24. My experience thus far on Wheaton’s Student Government
  25. Getting to know my 1South floor mates
  26. Getting to know my brother floor, T7
  27. Working at Phonathon
  28. My decision to quit Phonathon
  29. My BIG meltdown
  30. The challenging cliché of “intentional community”
  31. Family Weekend
  32. Aunt Joanne passing away
  33. Aunt Joanne’s memorial service
  34. My roommate relationship
  35. Letting go of plans for the future
  36. Finding BALANCE
  37. Writing down three blessings a day challenge
  38. Pre-signing to work at Gull Lake again this coming summer
  39. My view on Chapel Policy
  40. My dream of Wheaton vs. the reality of Wheaton
  41. CFAs
  42. My identity as a writer
  43. College vs. high school
  44. Trying to figure out a double major
  45. Maintaining friendships back home
  46. Redefining “home”
  47. Newfound realization of my need to be more conscientious about money

That was productive, because now I have no excuse not to write due to lack of ideas. Practice makes perfect and therefore I need to write more to become a better writer. Hopefully one blog post a week for a little over a year will help me do that.


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