Hello! My name is Brielle! I am a Christ follower. I am a writer. I am a picture taker (I’m not good enough to be considered a photographer). I am a proud Wheaton College undergraduate studying English with a writing concentration. I am an extrovert who has recently come to appreciate introvert time. I am a hardcore planner and organizer (post-it notes, agendas, and colored pens are always good gift ideas). I tend to be a people pleaser. I am a sinner. I am an over-analyzer (he used a period instead of an exclamation mark in his text…what could that possibly mean?).  I am a hard worker and a perfectionist. I am a person of habit, but would like to become more spontaneous and adventurous. I am me.

I have a pretty distinct, loud laugh. I get emotionally attached to just about every character in every movie and book I watch or read (therefore I laugh and cry a lot). My favorite color is Kelly Green. My favorite snack is bruschetta with an excessive amount of mozzarella cheese. I actually really do enjoy sunsets and long walks on the beach. I do not like e-readers, but instead strongly prefer physical books. I prefer tea (with honey) over coffee. I prefer dressing up to dressing down. I am a person who counts quarter inches because one quarter inch puts me over five foot. Word of affirmation make me feel love and allow me to express my love to others. I have a box of encouragement cards people have written me over the years under my bed. I over commit myself a lot. I avoid confrontations at all cost. I am in awe of words.

Welcome to Writing Taking Flight.


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